Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Players demand real grass for Women's World Cup

From where I sit it looks like some of the top women footballers in the world are making a stand...

via sportslogos.net

Not against racism. Not against the horrific way women are still treated in some parts of the world. But against artificial turf. Yes, they claim it's a sexist decision. I gather that being forced to play on the same quality of field as the MLS and CFL is a step back for the women's game. Perhaps the ladies would like to see the tournament moved to the only other country to put forward a bid. Zimbabwe. Sadly, they withdrew before the vote was held, so I guess that's not an option. The players are demanding all the field turf be replaced with real grass. There's no word on how they are planning to pay for it though. Let's face it, FIFA knew what they were getting into, so they aren't likely to pay for the changes. The local and provincial governments won't pay either, it's a waste of taxpayers dollars and as mentioned FIFA has already approved the fields anyway. That leaves it down to the players themselves. If they can come up with the millions of dollars to pay for the switch, up-keep and switch back, I think we can make it work. Or they can go ahead with their lawsuit. I bet it will be just as successful as the suit to get womens ski jump in the Vancouver Olympics.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.