Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad umpires, an end to bodychecking and a big vid from some Giants

From where I sit it looks like MLB needs a war room.

A day after Angel Hernandez blew the home run call, Fieldin Calbraith made his own error. I'm not going to jump all over the umps, but how about giving them some help? The home run ruling should have come from either a video review umpire or, better yet, a group in New York who sit and watch every game to see if there's any controversial calls. The NHL does it, and it works fairly well. Even if it's controversial, you know there's been a consensus ruling. The call by Hernandez has even lead to speculation he deliberately got it wrong. Apart from a public comment the call was wrong there has been no outward action against Hernandez. As for Culbraith, he's gotten suspended for his mistake. Some fans don't like replays because it's against the 'integrity of the game'. Sorry, but horrendous calls does more to ruin integrity than getting it right with a little help.

Hockey Alberta has made a great decision in removing bodychecking from the Peewee level province-wide.

Yes, this has drawn a lot of criticism from various circles, including parents and players. It needs to be pointed out that checking is not being removed...just bodychecking. At the very least, this will teach young players how to remove the player from the puck without taking themselves out of the play (see Phaneuf, Dion). It should also be mentioned, there's no hitting in Peewee in Quebec either, and they have no problem producing top level players. One other, major, issue needs to be addressed. The vast majority of these players will never play pro hockey. Why risk children getting brain damage? If they are great players they will get noticed. With or without bodychecking.

There is so much to take in from their presentation. Although, it's about the Belfast Giants, the vast majority can apply to any team. The Giants expressed the true beauty of sport in a wonderfully worded statement. The message is simple, but profound at the same time. “We wear your jerseys. We play for your team...for your city.” That perfectly summarizes how fans view their team, any team, in any sport.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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