Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon

From where I sit I can see Boston. I can see pain, suffering and anguish. I can see three families in mourning and dozens of others left with more questions than answers. I can see a day of celebration left devastated by an act of terrorism. I can see a vain attempt to intimidate both a country and a way of life.

I can also see acts of heroism. I can see people bent over the bleeding and dieing offering comfort and aid. I can see strangers applying pressure to a wound, others offering the shirts off their backs to stem the flow of blood. I can see victims being carried away as Boston's finest men and women rush in to help. 

I can see the outpouring of support from Bostonians. Opening their doors and their hearts to anyone from anywhere. But it doesn't stop at the outskirts of Boston. The fans of the Blackhawks in Chicago, taking a moment of silence, then raising their voices in support. In defiance. Those scenes were repeated across the continent.

I will not be afraid. I will not be intimidated. I will mourn with those who have lost loved ones. I will stand in support of those who protect me.

My deepest thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the attack.

The Boston Marathon will be back next year...and I will be watching...and still in the cheap seats.

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