Monday, June 23, 2014

A tough draw, but massive upside for US Mens team

From where I sit it looks like the US team has a reason to be thrilled with a draw against Portugal...


This was heartbreaking. It was a split second of brilliance from Ronaldo that cost the Americans full points. The entire second half was as engaging as anything we've seen in the tournament. Watching the reactions of fans around the US was as enthralling as it was sad. So close to a birth in the knockout stages and a come back win over a football powerhouse. What's to be thrilled about? People care. There are viewing parties. It's the lead story not just on the sport pages, but in the news. It's easy to get people excited about a winning team in any sport. There are plenty of bandwagon jumpers no matter who's playing, it's even easier when it's being played at home. But it's when you can see real disappointment; you can tell they are truly fans. The people along for the ride shrug their shoulders and go on with their day. This wasn't a collective shrug from the American people. This was a palpable reaction. They got kicked in the gut. It was like watching reactions in London or Madrid. But this was Los Angeles and Kansas City. In the end the Americans still control their own fate and can advance with a win or draw against Germany. No matter the outcome on Thursday, US Soccer should look back on the tie with Portugal not just as proof they can play with and beat the best; but as evidence that football is finally becoming a major sport in the United States.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.

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