Monday, June 3, 2013

Another attack at a game and the CFL gets a new team

From where I sit it looks like a couple of morons giving sports fans a bad name...again...

Let's start with the fact that these two idiots were attacking Matt Fortese for wearing a Yankees hat. Look, I don't like them either, but I wouldn't waste my breath chirping at someone over it. Never mind, throwing a beer. How drunk do you have to be to throw a beer at a sporting event? In addition the game was in Baltimore...against the Washington Nationals. These idiots (no, I'm not using their names) started a fight over a team who wasn't even there. I'm glad they have been charged. Further to that, convicted or not, they both should be banned from attending games. There's no excuse for an attack like that. Ever.

With CFL camps underway, the League's newest addition is set to unveil it's name and logo...that was leaked last week.

It can't possibly be easy to pick a team name. Even harder, when a league is returning to a city with a long, storied history under another name. But honestly, RedBlacks? How much work did they put into this? It's a bland name. There is very little evocative about it. This is a league with Lions, Stampeders, Eskimos, Roughriders, Blue Bombers, Tiger-Cats, Argonauts and Alouettes. All bring an emotional response in one way or another. But, RedBlacks sounds like a college team. Further to that, what will fans use as a nickname? RBs? I don't know if I could cheer for a team where it sound more like I'm asking for a roast beef sandwich as football tickets.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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