Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the Stanley Cup thrills while the CFL kicks off

From where I sit it looks like a fantastic Stanley Cup final with an amazing ending...

Although it didn't go 7 games there's nothing preventing this final from joining the ranks of other classics. Three overtime games, almost every game decided by a goal (game 3 was 2 goals). This series manged to showcase the NHL delightfully. Speed, aggression, finesse, intensity, toughness. Everything the League wants fans to revel in. From Tukka Rask stopping damn near everything in games 2 and 3; to game 4's 11 goals. From Patrice Bergeron being held together with medical tape; to the Bruins game 6 collapse. It seems hard to believe the season was almost wiped out. This takes a big piece of that sting away. Now, don't do it again!

The CFL season kicks off this week...the importance of this depends on what you look for in football.

I am an NFL fan, but I still enjoy the CFL. Its style of game is wide open. A free flow of offense. It's a fun game to watch. But, sadly lacks the promotional power and star names of the NFL. The NFL is the best league being played by the best players.  That will never happen north of the border. So the CFL remains a 2nd tier league. Honestly, the League would be best served to embrace that.  Most players who come up here have no clue that Canada is like, or even some of the basic rules of the Canadian game. But they grow to love it. So, what if they leave for a bigger paycheque?  I still want to see the highest quality players available.  In smaller centres the players become major celebrities. The passion shown by fans in Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary rivals anything seen south of the border.  The biggest difference is...this is our game.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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