Saturday, June 29, 2013

Danica isn't a racer and the Blackhawks raise the bar for class

From where I sit it looks like Kyle Petty is in trouble...for being right.

The former Petty has a very legitimate point about Patrick. Sorry, she's not that good. Yes, she's quick, even has a couple poles, but really isn't all that accomplished as a racer. Take a look at her numbers. One win. That's it. Six podiums in 114 races in Indy Car. NASCAR has been worse. Even at lower levels she's lacking in results. In what's now the Atlantic Championship, Danica Patrick had 0 wins and 5 podiums in 24 races. As comparison Simona De Silvestro took 5 wins and another 5 podiums in 35 races. Patrick is a sell. Plain and simple. Is she a great spokesperson? Yes. However, she's not a racer. If it wasn't for marketing Danica Patrick would never have made it out of the lower ranks. Naturally, Patrick laughed off the comments from Petty. And so she should. I wouldn't expect her to come out and say, “He's right, I'm here for my looks.” The best drivers at all levels share one thing in common, they win. So Patrick is left with a simple way to get many critics to shut up. Win. And I don't see that happening any time soon.

The NHL presented a brilliantly sentimental commercial during the Stanley Cup final...

The simple hand shake after a series remains one of the more powerful sights in hockey. Two teams battling for up to 7 games, then sharing a hand shake. The Chicago Blackhawks have taken the respect to a whole new level. This ad ran in the Boston Globe on the same day the Blackhawks held their victory parade:

Much is made of the 'me first' attitude of many sports figures. There is a champion every year, in every sport. But to win with class is almost unheard of. Sure, every winner pays tribute to their opponent, but a full-page ad is a gesture I've never seen. It's fun to have a rival, it's great to have a rival you respect. Well done Blackhawks.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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