Friday, July 26, 2013

A new arena in bankrupt Detroit and the Eskimos continue to struggle

From where I sit it looks like another new NHL rink is in the works...this time in Detroit.

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That sounds like a good plan. Joe Louis Arena is getting old. The Red Wings are an integral part of the NHL. So, it only makes sense that they get a new arena. It's always a contentious issue when the idea of a new stadium is floated. But, the timing here couldn't be worse. Detroit is bankrupt. Not the team. The city. The city is bankrupt and they're talking about a new arena? $284 million dollars from the city? Quite frankly, it's not just moronic, but dangerous. Take a scared and confused city, then planning to throw money around can't be a wise way to gain trust. Of the populace or otherwise. Yes, the Red Wings will need a new rink, but now is not the time. Get your city in order, then we can talk $650 million dollars for hockey teams.

It's not often a team's season can be summed up in two plays...but it's possible with the Eskimos.

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A pathetic showing on 1st-and-goal with 28 seconds left. They only got two plays off. It looked like a fire drill. Yes, John White's run should have been reviewed. That's no excuse for the Eskimos to be unprepared for the last two plays. There was about 11 seconds left following White getting stopped. That should be an incompletion and a QB sneak. At worst. As for the last play...who's brilliant idea was that? A draw play? I'd say it looked like the Eskimos had no confidence in their offensive line, but it's almost the opposite. Montreal had basically everyone cramming the line of scrimmage...and Edmonton had five linemen. Even if Craig Cox had been blocked, there were so many Alouettes in the backfield White wasn't going anywhere. Oh ya...and the Eskimos picked up another 13 penalties for 111 yards. It's hard to win when you're basically giving up a free touchdown every game.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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