Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A real suspension from MLB and a clean Tour winner?

From where I sit it looks like MLB has finally stepped up to the plate.

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With Braun gone for the next couple months the League is throwing the book at him. And I hope it leaves a dent! PEDs have become an epidemic in sports. More frustrating for me is the self-righteous jerks coming out with their faux denials. Just shut up. Tell the truth. You got caught. There's the apocryphal story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the boy begging, “Say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so.” To which Jackson allegedly replied, “Yup kid, I'm afraid it is.” Give me the truth. Please. Remember Andy Pettite used PEDs. He confessed and is still highly regarded. But, it's the liars like Braun who leave fans grasping for any semblance of truth. Or faith in their heroes.

Which leads quite nicely to a deserving Tour de France champion...I think

via telegraph.co.uk

I want to believe Chris Froome. I want to think that he's clean. I really do. But it's not easy. With all the sordid recent history of the Tour I have a hard time putting my faith in any bicycle racer. Froome seems honest and forthright. He's faced a lot of questions in the last couple of weeks. The vast majority of them along the same line...are you clean? Can we trust you? Sadly, we have all been taken by Lance Armstrong and his career of lies. This has left all riders cursed. No matter how upstanding the rider, there will be questions. Possibly for years. It's a hopeless situation for everyone. It's not only the riders having their accomplishments questioned, but robbing the fans of the enjoyment of competition. This looks like the biggest fallout from the Armstrong debacle. It's not just the impact on the riders. But leaving the fans wondering if any of it is worth the effort.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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