Sunday, July 7, 2013

Silva acts like an idiot...and so does NASCAR

From where I sit it looks like Anderson Silva made a complete ass of himself.

There's not many other ways to describe what happened. Chris Weidman deserved more respect than what Silva afforded him in the octagon. Sometimes you need to see the entire fight to grasp the nuance of what happened. Sometimes a fight can be easily summarized in 10 seconds. Silva wanted to play stupid games. And he did. Weidman wanted to fight. And he did. Hubris may be the best word for Silva on the night. A stupid, arrogant display of contempt that ended precisely the way it should have. Weidman deserved the win and the title, if even just for taking his opponent seriously.

Speaking of moronic decisions brings me to NASCAR and the Coca-Cola 400.

Once again a green-white-checker finish left just as many cars wrecked as fighting for the win. In fact this time they managed to one up themselves in dangerously stupid choices..and basically ignored their own rules in the process. I grew up in the 'good old days' where the drivers 'raced back to the flag' when the yellow came out. However, in a wise move to make racing safer and give emergency crews more response time the field is frozen almost as soon as a crash happens. But, not Saturday night. For reasons known only to themselves a 6 car wreck was fully ignored, presumably for the sake of a dramatic finish. And it was dramatic...with another dozen or so cars piling up. What will it take for NASCAR to wake up and see the danger? Sadly, it will probably take a full-on tragedy for changes to be made.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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