Thursday, August 29, 2013

A half a suspension and Team Canada takes ball hockey practice

From where I sit it looks like the NCAA has taken a useless stand...


A half? They suspended Johnny Manziel for a half? What kind of bush league suspension is that? Whether it was an 'inadvertent violation' or not it's still a useless suspension. The NCAA is trying desperately to create some sort of punishment for Manziel to save face. I'm not sure what exactly the message is's not much of a punishment at all. The Aggies are playing Rice. The Owls went 7-6 last season in C-USA, although they did beat Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl last year. So, suspending one player, for a half, against an unranked team is hardly intimidating. What's next? A quarter? Three plays? Forfeit a first down? Either give out a real punishment or just shut up about it.

The count down to Sochi 2014 continues as the top hockey countries met to play golf...and ball hockey...


It was called an 'Olympic orientation camp'. All the major countries had one. The highlight being ball hockey done by the Canadians. Apart from that there was basically nothing to talk about. What was the point of that? Couldn't everything have been accomplished through an e-mail or conference call? If the IOC wants the NHL in their games so badly, they should be the ones to come up with the insurance to allow a couple of one ice sessions. What happened over the weekend was completely irrelevant. The vast majority of these players already know each other and the new guys got on board quickly. It was a pointless exercise in drumming up talking points for the guys on TSN and other hockey nations...and a chance for the USA to show how stupid they look in their new jerseys. 

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If there is a next time for NHLers in the Olympics please try to do it right. Get the players on the ice, or don't bother.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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