Saturday, August 24, 2013

The NFL pressures ESPN and Pete Rose acts like an idiot...again

From where I sit it looks like the NFL is trying to pressure EPSN...


Once again the NFL is trying to hide from the horrible truth that are concussions. I'm sick and tired of major leagues, including the NHL, hiding from the issues of brain injuries. These are the lives of people. Sure, they go into the sport knowing it's violent and there is a risk of injury, but not the long-term affects of a brain turned to mush. And those are just the pros. What about all those who never play professional sports? Concussions happen at every level of the game. Are those documented? Do those people make millions of dollars? Do they get any long-term help? No, no and no. Until the top levels start taking this seriously, there will be nothing done anywhere else.

Pete Rose needs a muzzle...


Please don't try to write off the accomplishments of other athletes just because their league doesn't measure up to your standards. You can't compare leagues. Just like you can't compare eras. There were less relievers when Rose played. For example in 1973 there were 7 pitchers with over 300 innings pitched. Last year there wasn't anyone above 240. There's more and better scouting. Better training for pitchers. Pete Rose would have been a great player today, but he wouldn't have put up the numbers. Rose wants to start counting his minor-league hits too. Try keeping to top level playing here Pete. Sadaharu Oh is the all-time home run leader. Not Barry Bonds. Josh Gibson's name should be in this conversation too. There's a long list of players who put up amazing numbers, but didn't see full time in the Major Leagues. That doesn't diminish what they did...just as it doesn't diminish what Rose did. Only Pete Rose is so petty, he refuses to acknowledge someone else may be better.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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