Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the NCAA does something right, Braun does something wrong and I want FoxSports 1

From where I sit it looks like the NCAA has finally made the right decision on something...

via abcnews.go.com

Sure it was dumb that the military clause was removed from the NCAA regulations, but with just under 2 weeks to go until the regular season this is good. Stephen Rhodes is a young man who gave up 5 years of his life to protect us. The very least that can be done is to give him the game he loves. I have criticized the NCAA a lot in the past couple of weeks...mainly for being abjectly stupid. But this is justice. This wasn't some guy pissing around Europe, he risked his life. And the NCAA is letting him reap the reward. Now can we please resume focusing on the games?

Ryan Braun is back in the news...this time for a developing foot-in-mouth disease.

via espn.go.com

The two biggest issues Braun raised swing wildly along the complaint spectrum. Antisemitism is a serious allegation and should be investigated fully. I don't care who the guy is or even what he's doing. Something like that must be treated seriously in a part of life. Allegedly Braun claimed not only was the urine collector racist...but he was a Cubs fan! How could he still do his job in good conscience as a Cubs fan? The bastard! We all know how low Cubs fans can sink...they even interfere with their own team!

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So, this must be true. I'm looking forward to Braun addressing all this crap...at the very least to see whether he's removed his foot yet.

One final thought here...and this is for the CRTC. Please let me have Fox Sports 1. SpeedTV is dead and what they're show is worse than their regular junk. Sportsnet is running 4 stations (regional, 360, world and 1). So, let's have another sports broadcaster up here!

Since it's Jay and Dan that could help with CanCon rules...right?

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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