Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rodriguez is suspended and plays anyway...Manziel is in trouble for autographs

From where I sit it looks like Alex Rodriguez has finally been suspended...kinda.

via telegraph.co.uk

Sure, MLB has kicked him out for the remainder of this season and all of the next, but A-Rod is appealing so he can keep playing. Since when does a convict get to stay free while he appeals his case? If Rodriguez wants to appeal he can sit out until a decision is rendered. Then any back pay owed him should be reinstated. Not the other way round. Rodriguez is the defendant here, not the league. Not only would it remove a probably cheating player from the game sooner, but allow the suspension to be served. The appeal might not be heard until September, or even later. If it's upheld what happens to those game he played in? Do the Yankees forfeit for using an ineligible player? Nope. Does he still serve the full 211 games? Doubt it. Why the hell is this guy allowed to keep playing? Oh ya...it's baseball.

The star quarterback at Texas A&M is facing allegations he got paid...to sign autographs.

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Johnny Manziel allegedly got money for scribbling his name on a bunch of memorabilia, so what? The NCAA claims to have concerns about their integrity and those of the players. Sure they do. They run a multi-billion dollar business on the backs of kids. And flatly refuse to share the wealth. It's as stupid and outdated as the Olympic ideal of amateur athletes. The vast majority of these kids will never make millions of dollars playing pro football. The vast majority will never play pro at all. Not NFL, CFL or Arena. Nothing. Even top prospects can still washout at a young age. JaMarcus Russell immediately springs to mind. So, if they want to earn some money on their own names, let them. A quick flip through this list shows a number of players who should have been allowed to take advantage of their star status at the college level, because they did nothing after that.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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