Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kobe tells it like it is and overtime already in the NHL playoffs

From where I sit it looks like Kobe has a good grasp on the Lakers season...


Sure, his talk about next season being 'epic' is, in all likelihood useless. The team is in a downward spiral, just like Bryant's career. That being said, it's always refreshing when a player gives an honest assessment of the state of the team. More so when it's someone like Bryant, talking about the Lakers. This was an awful season in LA, and in a welcome (for some) change of scenario it's the Clippers putting on a show and the Lakers taking a bath. It's almost inevitable the Lakers will be better next season. It's also highly unlikely the next campaign will be epic. However, just seeing a frank and accurate assessment is a welcome relief from the standard garbage.

The NHL playoffs have already given us a reminder of the best way to end a game...

Obviously this doesn't work in all sports. There's no way it would work in basketball. The NFL goes to sudden death, but only after each team gets a possession or a touchdown is scored. It is for the home team in baseball, but even then they can still score and lose if the visitors have put up too many runs in the top half. But hockey is sudden death. Next goal wins. It's very simple. There's also the hero factor. Dale Wiese had the second lowest ice time for Montreal. This season he had almost as many fights (5) as goals (6). My daughter asked if there would be any fights in overtime. I was able to tell her the fighter was too busy scoring the winning goal.

At least that's how I see it and I sit in the cheap seats.

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