Saturday, April 5, 2014

NCAA faces major headaches, Boomer gets the hint and an amazing pic

From where I sit it looks like the NCAA could be turned upside down...

With Northwestern being approved to start a union, it seems the list of interested schools is already forming. The question that will be facing schools now is how does this impact both their football program and other sports. What about public schools? Will this be the death of college sports as we know it? Students won't want to go to public schools if they won't get paid; while private universities might just cancel major sports all together. Keep in mind this won't impact field hockey or water polo or badminton. The minor sports, where the students aren't actually making the schools any money. This is really all about the money. Of course the schools don't want to pay the kids. Why would they? There will doubtlessly be doom and gloom coming from the universities. But they money will still be out there. And as long as there is massive amounts of money to be made, there will be someone looking to get paid.

Meanwhile, the message has gotten through to Boomer Esiason...


And good for him for being man enough to admit he screwed up and apologize. Having worked in radio I can fully understand what happens when you get foot-in-mouth disease. And even then it's still hard to go on-air and fess up.

One last thing here...this picture is simply staggering...


Given the perspective, it's quite hard to tell how far off the tornado is, but I'm amazed at how casual everyone is acting. In any case, this is an amazing photo showing not only the power of nature, but the dedication of some sports fans.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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