Thursday, February 6, 2014

National Signing Day is a joke and the Olympics are underway

From where I sit it looks like National Signing Day should be scrapped...


It's bad enough these kids are facing the pressure of a full-ride scholarship, but does there really need to be a day of media coverage? The vast majority of them won't make the NFL, there's probably a good number who won't even make their college team. Quite literally they are children. They are wined and dined, shown a lifestyle they have never experienced, and then expected to make a rational decision. I know all the crap from the colleges will continue, whether the media is talking about it or not, but the less attention drawn to this the better. There should be focus on getting an education and life after football, not playing. The only positive I saw yesterday, was from Texas A&M. That is a classy move that didn't get enough coverage. They didn't have to honour a verbal agreement, but for Cedric Collins, it's guaranteed not only an education, but a future.

Meanwhile, the Olympics are underway in Sochi...

Outside of Canada getting off to a great start in moglus and and slopestyle, I actually felt good for the host Russians. I watched Evgeni Plushenko skate as part of the team competition. Not only was Plushenko called washed up, but some thought he shouldn't be on the team period. But to see him skating was a reminder of the skill he still has. It was also fun to watch him play to his home crowd. It brought memories back for me watching Canadians get the same charge in Vancouver. It's a reminder, if only a brief one, that the Olympics are about the competition, not the organizing committee.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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