Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fighting in the NBA and big bucks for the NCAA

From where I sit it looks like at least one NBAer has an idea on how to sell the game in Canada...

Fighting? Naturally, Gortat isn't thinking about selling the game, just settling scores, but is he onto something? Or maybe just on something. I would certainly enjoy it. Nothing like a good scrap to liven up a game and let's face it the most replayed NBA event in the last decade is the Malice at the Palace. At the very least the league would need bigger referees. Imagine some of the guys they have now trying to get between LeBron and Garnett. Maybe teams could employ a designated fighter. A basketball goon. Someone who would only put up a couple points during a game, but could really throw 'em. Those guys would quickly become fan favourites. Of course this is a ridiculous idea, but it sure is fun to dream.

Speaking of ridiculous, it's almost time for the road to the Final Four...


This is one of the best sports tournaments in the world. It honestly feels like every college in the US has a chance. Only die-hard fans can easily recognize every team. The action, particularly in the first couple of rounds, is as dizzying as it is spectacular. Fantastic to watch. And all for the glory of the school. Right? It's not like the NCAA and CBS stand to make millions and millions of dollars. Right? This tournament is just like every other one staged by the NCAA. It's about money. Very few of the players playing in the next month will make the NBA and make massive amounts of money. For the vast majority this will be the last truly competitive game they will play. Although, the education is wonderful, quite frankly the players should start seeing at least a portion of the money being raked in by corporations.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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