Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Final Four is incomparable

From where I sit it looks like one of sports greatest tournaments is underway...

There isn't much that can rival the NCAA Final Four. The FA Cup immediately comes to mind, but that's about it. While the FA Cup sees basically every team in England compete, it takes place over the course of the season. The Final Four will be done in 3 weeks. The NCAA will go from 68 teams to a champion in a manic play down that leaves little time for rest. It's a challenge for players and fans alike. While winners are constantly preparing for play or travel, the fans are left with frantic channel swapping in a desperate attempt to keep up with the action. The first two rounds are basically an all day commitment. At one time or another all hoops fans have frantically changed between games hoping to balance possessions with time-outs between 2 or even 3 tight games. Adding to the fun are schools that are barely known in their own state, never mind country wide. Bonus points to those who know where Wofford, Mercer or American University are (South Carolina, Georgia and DC). On top of all that is the constant prospect of an upset. It's almost a guarantee a 12-seed will beat a 5-seed. In fact, every seed but one has advanced as far as the sweet 16. Although, no 16-seed has ever been a number 1...yet.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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