Monday, March 31, 2014

NASCAR needs to keep their drivers in check

From where I sit it looks like NASCAR is walking a dangerous path...


Yes, the latest rivalry creates some fun. But what Brad Keselowski did at Martensville was not only juvenile, but stupid. I understand that Keselowski was mad at Kurt Busch, I don't see his logic; that was, at worst, a racing accident, but Keselowski was fuming. Fine. He did everything expected, yelled at the media, swore revenge, etc. Perhaps a pit lane confrontation after the race, or some screaming following qualifying at Texas next week. However, in an act of pure lunacy Keselowski got back on the track and put everyone at risk. Spending a lap flipping the bird was useless, trying to wreck Busch was suicidal. Even an attempt to impede Busch was ultimately futile, since Busch won the race anyway. Keselowski should have been shown the black flag immediately. He should also be facing sanctions from NASCAR. Feuds are great, they add to the atmosphere, but Keselowski's actions were simply too much. What if he had managed to spin Busch into oncoming traffic? Or if, as a result of flipping the bird there had been a massive wreck because he's slowing up the field? NASCAR needs to remind their drivers with those speeds is can be life and death. Fight in the infield, scream in pit lane, but don't risk lives playing stupid games on the racetrack.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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