Saturday, May 17, 2014

Goodbye to Teemu and Round 3 predictions

From where I sit it looks like the NHL is losing a legend...

It's often difficult to measure the impact of a player. For others it's easy to think about their place in sports history. Teemu Selanne is one of those rare players who has managed not only a lengthy career, but an effective one. Selanne was one of my favourite players growing up. And now my daughter cheers for him. It's a bit staggering to think that in the course of Selanne's career Winnipeg lost it's team, then got it back. His rookie goal (76) and points (132) records still stand and rank as two of the game's unassailable marks. He played in 6 Olympics and the World Junior Championships in 1989. There was a telling moment after game 7 against the Kings, as both teams stayed on the ice and payed tribute to the Finnish Flash. An easy sign about the level of respect for a future Hall of Fame star.

As for predictions for round 3...


I'm pleased with a perfect round 2, including another 2 perfect predictions (LA in 7 and Montreal in 7). In the West, the Kings have made stirring comebacks in both of their series, but they aren't playing the Sharks or Ducks. The Blackhawks know what it takes to close out a series and don't have any questions in net. Both San Jose and Anaheim exposed faults in the Kings, but couldn't capitalize on the momentum. There won't be any problems like that for Chicago, Hawks in 6. Meanwhile, in the East it's a Sochi rematch in net. And that's where the Olympic similarities end. Both the Rangers and Canadiens have capitalized on speed in the first two rounds. Both have solid defence and skilled forwards. This series really looks like a pick-em. So, I'm going to act patriotic and chose Montreal in 7.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.

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