Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More allegations of NFL mistreating players

From where I sit it looks like the NFL is facing another headache...

Once again former players are suing the league over allegations of mistreatment of injuries. Just like the concussion issue, I'm really of two minds on this. On the one hand players should be able to trust the team doctors. I mean this is a doctor, right? Someone dedicated to keeping people healthy and safe. He (or she) is employed by the team to ensure that all the players are physically fit to play. It make perfect sense. It also gives players someone they know to talk to openly about their injuries. At least that's how it should work. Just not necessarily in the NFL. At the same time when does the athlete have to take responsibility for their own actions? Didn't these players start to question things when they were, as the suit alleges, lined up to receive powerful anti-inflammatory injections in the buttocks just before kickoff? It seems they didn't talk to family or friends outside of football to see how normal people lived. The allure and pressure of professional sports is clearly creating an untenable situation. Even if this lawsuit is successful, there will be little change. There's simply too much money involved.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.

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