Monday, May 5, 2014

More heartbreak in Toronto

From where I sit it looks like the Raptors season will have a lasting impact...

For the most part it's a good impact. The series against Brooklyn grabbed the attention of most Canadian sports fans. However, I would like to start by saying their #WeTheNorth was grating at best. I know what they're trying to accomplish, but honestly I'm not enough of a basketball fan to even consider the Raptors 'my team'. Add to that they are from Toronto which is enough to make some people cheer against any team. So they are facing an uphill battle for the hearts of the nation. That being said, they did a great job creating atmosphere but inside and outside the ACC. Each game of the series was competitive, the only blowout being the Nets 97-83 win in game 6. Apart from that it was single digits, with four games being decided by two possessions or less. It was tight, exciting basketball culminating with a frantic charge from the Raptors in the 4th quarter of game 7. The entire series came down to the final possession for the home team as time expired. And the Raptors got no shot. Kyle Lowry dribbled himself into three Nets and was left with nothing. He had Terrence Ross wide open to his left with 3 seconds left and he just lowered his head and tried to drive the lane. Lowry put the ball on the floor and grabbed it away from Patrick Patterson with 1.5 left as he desperately tried to be the hero. Instead he was rejected soundly by Pierce. I don't know why the ball wasn't passed. Was the play designed to have Lowry take it to the rack? Even I know that's a tough spot to go late in the game. Or did Lowry put blinders on and simply think he didn't need help? No matter what was supposed to happen the Raptors season came to a heartbreaking halt in game 7. Kind of like the Maple Leafs last season.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.

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