Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Rangers lose two and dont read much into the World Championships

From where I sit it looks like one hit will create more trouble for the Rangers...


Yes, Prust deserved to be suspended. It was a bad hit and late. His two games seems to be in line with the NHL standard for playoff games. However, it's the Rangers paying the bigger price. Not only have they lost Derek Stepan for an unknown length of time, but Dan Carcillo for 10 games. Yes, the refs should have called the penalty of Prust, but that doesn't excuse Carcillo for losing his mind. It wasn't even like he was the only one trying to get a Prust. If he's not restrained, he's the third man in. It will remain to be seen how losing two players will impact New York. Stepan is the team's third leading scorer, but thanks to Carcillo they now have two holes to fill. Sure, Carcillo had only played 8 games, but now he can't play any. No matter what minor contribution he was making, he will spend the rest of the playoffs in the press box. It's a stupid, needless loss for New York, now it's up to Montreal to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, Russia is a win away from the World Championship...

via the Canadian Press

It's a great opportunity for the Russians to prove their 'A' team is better than the top B/C teams from the hockey world. Thanks to early eliminations from the playoffs Russia has iced a great team, including Sergi Babrovski, Alex Ovechkin and Yevgeni Malkin. They managed to shut down an underpowered Sweden in the semi finals. Congratulations if you know Anders Nilsson was the goalie of record for Sweden, a bonus point if you know he's in the Islanders system. The World Hockey Championships are a fun tournament. It's a good opportunity for young players to get experience playing international hockey. Honestly, there's no reason to any country to get an inflated ego from winning, nor is there a reason to get too upset with sub-par performances. If you want to accurately judge the level of competition hold a best-on-best tournament. Like the Olympics or World Cup. Evaluate the success at those levels and it's easy to see who are the top countries. Canada, Sweden, Finland, the US, each have medals from the last two Olympics. Those are your top teams. They're the one's who's top players are still playing for the Stanley Cup.

At least that's how I see it, and I sit in the cheap seats.

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