Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another fighting injury and Glendale is in trouble again

From where I sit it looks like another big debate over fighting in hockey...

It's an argument that won't go away. Ever. No matter what the outcome, there will always be people pressing their own opinions. If fighting is banned, there will be those pointing to all the stick swinging injuries.  If it stays, voices will be raised about hurt fighters.  When George Parros got injured he was doing exactly what Montreal brought him in to do...stick up for his teammates. Secondarily, the NHL's new fighting rule about keeping helmets on did nothing. The quick explanation is that it was an accident. Exactly. An accident. Parros didn't get hit from behind. He didn't have his head hammered off a stanchion. Nobody elbowed him in the jaw. He lost his balance and fell during a fight. It's something we've seen before, and it will happen again. Hockey is an intense, physical game and until that is changed there will be blood on the ice. No players want to get injured. But at the same time I am reminded of the words of my mother, “When you play rough games, you're gonna get hurt.”

The city of Glendale is in trouble with another pro sports league...


You remember Glendale...the Arizona city coughing up millions to keep the NHL's Coyotes, while emergency services are underfunded. Now the NFL is getting fed up too. Having already lost both the media center and NFL experience, Glendale is reeling...again. Council is quickly moving to regain trust from the league and assure them everything will be in place as the game approaches. Sound familiar? It should. Those are the same issues the NHL has been dealing with for years. It's time for Glendale to get it's shit together. If I was a tax payer I would be getting pretty fed up. There are big events planned and teams brought to town that the city simply can't sustain. First the Coyotes, now this? Don't expect to see another Super Bowl in Arizona any time soon. At least not until the city can get it's house in order.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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