Saturday, October 26, 2013

No brains needed in NASCAR and Bama rolls out some fans

From where I sit it looks like one NASCAR driver thinks brains aren't that important...


Keselowski is correct. The doctors don't take any risks. They have no idea what it's like to drive a car at 200 mph. They have no concept of crashing at those speeds...rocketing off the wall in a massive pile-up. However, they do know what happens to a brain during that wreck. It almost sounds like Keselowski works with the NFL. Turning a blind eye to the reality of concussions. It's not just a case of putting themselves at risk of further brain damage. A driver who's brain isn't completely focused is a danger to everyone on the track. It takes a split second for a tight race to end in disaster. Dario Franchitti can attest to that. So can the dozen or so fans hit by flying debris. And Keselowski wants drivers in the car who, potentially, are still suffering from post-concussion symptoms? Thankfully, there are differing opinions, not surprisingly from a driver who has suffered a concussion. Let's hope Dale Jr represents the majority in the pits.

Alabama has suspended the seating rights of a bunch of fraternities for leaving games early...


On the surface this seems like a legitimate complaint. It looks bad when a chunk of the stadium is basically empty after halftime. But, then there's the bigger issue. Money. Why is the college upset with this practice? Simple, they could be selling those seats at higher cost. Students pay a student rate for their seats. Non-students pay more. Nevermind Nick Saban and his whining about students showing up. It certainly isn't about respect for the players. It's about people willing to pay more money to watch a game getting pissed off that others aren't staying the whole 4 quarters. It's about getting people to pay full price to watch a blow out. Most importantly it's about how much more money Alabama could be making.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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