Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CFLers need to toughen up and NASCAR has to accept reality

From where I sit it looks like the CFL has some very sensitive players...

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Nobody likes to be criticized. Particularly publicly. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating. It happens. Deal with it. Simeon Rottier was the only member of the Eskimos O-Line to be called out by GM Ed Hervey. Frankly, that was unfair. Everyone should have been. They are all awful. But, that's beside the point. They are professional athletes. Sure, they aren't making as much as the guys in the NFL; none the less they are being paid to play a game. So why should they be immune to criticism just because they're athletes? Players already get special treatment the rest of us can only dream of and now coaches and managers can't publicly call out anybody? What about the coach screaming at his players on the sidelines? I guess that's fine as long as the mic doesn't pick up and names. Suck it up kids. You won't get much sympathy from anyone.

NASCAR is coming down harshly on Michael Waltrip Racing...

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I don't entirely agree with what they're doing. Assuming Boyer's spin was intentional that punishment is fully deserved. In fact I would be fine if it was doubled. There's no place for that kind of dangerous crap in any level of racing. But, then there's the rest of the penalties. As Formula 1 discovered it's impossible to ban team orders. That leaves two options...either a farce pretending orders don't exist, or letting teams strategize. What's wrong with ordering drivers to pit so a teammate can advance? NASCAR created a 'playoff system' to decide the champion. NASCAR will throw a red flag to stage a green-white-checker finish, even if that means extending the race beyond distance. But team orders is beyond the pale? You can't create championship playdowns and artificial finishes, then complain when teams act on their own ideas. NASCAR has to accept that orders are a part of any team game or continue to have ridiculous scenes like we saw on Saturday.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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