Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Heat add some showtime and the Oilers add a goon

From where I sit it looks like the Miami Heat might be copying the XFL...

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Remember the Vince McMahon league? Probably not. But their idea of nicknames on the back of jerseys may be hitting the big time. And I think it sounds like fun. It wont be every day, and even then, who cares? Let the players have some fun. It's not like it will make life difficult for the announcers. The vast majority of the time that's how the players are referenced anyway. They won't be hiding the numbers to there's no impact to the referees. Keep it for home games. Let the players pick out their own nicknames. Maybe put it to a fan vote. As leagues continue to make idiotic efforts to quash individualism it's refreshing to see someone deciding to let the players have some fun with their jerseys. NHL...I'm looking at you.

The Oilers will be under the careful eyes of the NHL this season...

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For starters, Edmonton signed Steve MacIntyre after having the Canucks run roughshod on Saturday. Who's bright idea was this? The Oilers need toughness...not a goon. MacIntyre will spend most of his time either on the bench or in the penalty box. I've heard him called a 'nuclear deterrant'.  I don't know how effective a nuclear deterrent is when it can't be fired. Add to that Ben Eager saying they will be targeting the Canucks top players later this season. That's kind of rich coming from a player who spent most of last season in the AHL. Now, I'm not an expert on revenge. But I certainly wouldn't be drawing attention to myself if I was planning some. The NHL has a history of not taking very kindly to threats, veiled or otherwise, and Eager is crowing about how he's going to even the score. What the hell does this accomplish apart from putting Edmonton at a distinct disadvantage? Any perceived slight against the Canucks will have the full attention of disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. This isn't Batman. You can't run around with a cape on avenging your fallen teammates. Just shut up and play.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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