Monday, September 2, 2013

The CFL fumbles again and pro cycling comes to Alberta

From where I sit it looks like the CFL is leaving me disappointed andfrustrated...


It's Labour Day...the last chance for the CFL to have the football scene without the NFL's imposing shadow. It means a CFL double-header...Edmonton at Calgary followed by Toronto in Hamilton. A day of Canadian football, grab a drink and put your feet up...right? Wrong. The CFL has dropped the ball. Again. Not only is there only one game, but there's a game tomorrow. On Tuesday. In Toronto. Against Montreal. The Argos can't get a good turnout on a weekend evening, who the hell thinks they're going to draw anything other than friends and family? It's idiotic. The league then has back-to-back games scheduled next Sunday. Yes, the CFL is trying to compete against the opening weekend of the NFL. Good luck with that gang!

Speaking of bad timing...we hit the Tour of Alberta.


It's Canada's first major cycling race. And arrives just in time for me not to attend. It's the first week back to school and most of the racing happens during the day. Even though the prologue is an evening event I'm not going. I was quite excited to hear the race was coming, until I looked the calendar. Yes, I know they are limited in when they can get the riders. And the summer is only so long here. But still, it's the first week of school. I can't justify keeping my child out late on a school night or missing school altogether for a bike race. I can't get the time off work anyway. I would love to support the Tour of Alberta. And hopefully I will be able year.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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