Saturday, September 14, 2013

NASCAR makes matters worse and the NHL is getting more expensive

From where I sit it looks like NASCAR is digging a deeper grave...


So, now Jeff Gordon is in the Chase. Why? He didn't qualify. He was apparently victim of more machinations during Saturday's Federated Auto Parts 400. There's been plenty of controversy surrounding everything that happened as teams jockeyed to get their drivers into the Chase. Only now is NASCAR acting to try to clean up the mess. A mess they made. Here's a crazy idea...why doesn't the trophy go to the driver at the end of the season with the most cumulative points? Weird, I know, but stay with me for a minute on this. It's basically a season long Chase. At the start of the year every driver has a chance to win. As the year goes on drivers are eliminated from contention if they can't generate enough points. It would really open up the field all year long. As opposed to having teams trying to make the Chase, they have to keep it up all year. Every race would mean something. I know it's revolutionary. But it just might work.

The NHL pre-season starts tonight with a stark reminder for Canadian hockey fans...


Tickets aren't cheap. Even for pre-season hockey. Full price tickets to watch an incomplete team play a game that doesn't count for anything. In Edmonton tickets start at almost 60 dollars. Each. It's insulting. It's greedy. It's probably sold-out. Plus there's parking. Snacks. Maybe a souvenir if my daughter behaves. I'm looking at close to 200 dollars for one game. Sorry. Not gonna happen. Unless I can find a deal through a ticket broker, I'm not going. I know my lack of attendance won't make a bit of difference. But some day there will come a point where teams will have to take a long look at their pricing. Sure European rinks and jerseys are covered in advertising. But take a look at ticket prices. Defending German League champs Eisbaren ticket (outside of premium seating) is 70 dollars Canadian. Cheap seats are under 25 bucks. In one of Europe's top leagues. I would be fine with ads all over the place if I would be able to take my daughter to a game or two each season. And maybe Hell will freeze over giving the NHL a new possibility for expansion.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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