Sunday, January 5, 2014

Canada misses a medal again and the NFL playoffs get a thrilling start

From where I sit it looks like Canada needs to come to an unplesant realization...


Hockey is our game. It always will be. However, Canadians need to understand the world is learning to love hockey. And learning to play. Let's face it, we are a long way removed from the days of beating teams 15-0. Only Norway didn't win a game in the round robin, even at that they managed to beat Germany once in the relegation round. Of the teams that made the playoff round, who's the worst? Switzerland? Nope. Slovakia? They beat the Germans 9-2, and were leading Canada 3-1. This also isn't 1998, losing to Kazakhstan and finishing 8th. Out of the teams we finished behind, is there a weak team? Finland? Russia? Sweden? Nope. All of those are solid, hockey countries. It's situations like this when I'm reminded of a report of TSN's Sara Orleksy in the lead up to the Vancouver Olympics. I'll need to paraphrase since I don't have the direct quote in front of me...”Remember, if the best players Canada has take on the best in the rest of the world and win, they will have merely met expectations.” I'm not saying lower expectations, but stop being so surprised when we don't win.

The NFL playoffs started off with a bang...


The New Orleans-Philadelphia game will hardly go down as a classic. The first half was simply dull. Although the second certainly held up the entertainment value. There's also nothing like a last second field goal to cap off a game. However, the opening game was delightful. The Chiefs and Colts wound up leaving everyone questioning if that was an epic comeback or a staggering collapse. Andrew Luck threw 3 interceptions and still won. Alex Smith went over 370 yards passing, with 4 touchdowns and lost. The teams traded majors on their opening possessions. The Colts only lead once. And it was the only time that mattered. Fantastic football. It's up to everyone else to try and measure up to what we saw on day 1.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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