Thursday, January 23, 2014

NASCAR revamps qualifying and Team USA gets ugly

From where I sit it looks like NASCAR is stealing a page from Formula 1 and IndyCar...

I must admit I think this is a great idea. Honestly, the single car timed lap is dull. One guy pounding around all by himself, then someone else comes out. Miss your favourite driver? You're out of luck. This is going to create a race before the race. It's not just about all 43 cars on track competing with each other. It's about drafting and team work. The spotters will be in full use, plus talking to each other to find a partner or 3 to get everyone a quick lap. In fact, anyone trying to do a solo run will almost certainly be shuffled down the grid in a hurry. There will also be more chance for drivers getting pissed off. Blocking? There will be plenty of it. And lots of mad drivers after. It's made for TV. And it will be fun to watch.

The US Olympic team has released their uniform for the opening ceremonies...


It's not often that words fail me...but these are comically bad. It looks like someone's 4-year-old cut up a catalogue.  But, seriously, who looked at those and said, "Yes, this is the perfect look."?  All that Americans can hope for is that their athletes manage to look better than the outfits.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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