Friday, January 31, 2014

NASCAR cheapens their championship

From where I sit it looks like NASCAR is getting desperate...

The latest changes to the championship are pathetic.  It's only cheapening the sport. It now means one driver can win every race on the schedule, but if he has a poor showing at Miami in November he doesn't win the title. That's just dumb. Is this a race or not? The point of having races on different courses picking up points is to find out who the best driver is over the year, not just who gets all the breaks in the last race. What happens if there's a massive wreck and the 4 drivers are unable to continue? Or the teams have to work to get the cars back on the track? We could end up having 4 beat up cars limping around the edge of the track engaging in a battle for 35th, all to win the championship. The point of car racing isn't to crate a 'game 7' style finish to the season. Each race is it's own 'game 7'. That's the point. It's a winner-take-all event, following a weekend of battle. If there's a tight case to the championship, great. If there's not, so be it. If it wasn't like that, there wouldn't be the celebration you see after every race at any level. This is just a stupid gimmick and cheapens the entire sport.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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