Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A bully in Miami and a mascot gets attacked

From where I sit it looks like the bully is getting his due...

via usatoday.com

Something really jumped out at me from that article. I'm going to quote it so it's totally clear:

In previous interviews with reporters, Incognito and his father indicated other students ridiculed him for being overweight as a child, especially during sixth grade in Glendale, Ariz. His father, Richie Sr., a Vietnam veteran, told NFL.com that he gave his son advice: "If you let anyone give you (expletive) now, you're going to take (expletive) your entire life."”

So let me get this straight. Incognito thinks that because he was bullied he somehow gets the right to bully everyone else? I'm not to thrilled with the advice from dear old dad, but at some point Junior has to take accountability for his own actions. Yes, being bullied is awful. But that doesn't give anyone justification to become the bully. By lashing out at people he could have as close friends he continues to let those grade 6 bullies affect him. I hope he gets the help he needs.

Speaking of bullies...there's this jackass from the Victoria Royals game...


Let me get one thing clear. I don't blame the guy in green for being pissed off. He was in a game of musical chairs and Marty the Marmot interfered. What isn't seen on camera is Marty grabbing the chair away from the guy and sending it to the girl. That left the guy in green eliminated from the contest. And he was mad. Can't say as I blame him for that. It doesn't really matter what the prize was, here's some twit in a costume playing silly buggers with the game. So, fine, get annoyed. Flip him the bird. Even a smack in the head would have been better. What he did though was completely beyond any reasonable response. Spearing? A mascot? At the very least that's a 15 yard penalty. I'm not too worried about charges being laid. At some point someone will figure out who this guy is and the court of public opinion will be the harshest judge of all.

At least that how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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