Saturday, November 2, 2013

The NHLPA fights a cash grab and Emery helps the case against fighting

From where I sit it looks like Tennessee is making a killing off professional athletes...


And I thought photo radar and lottery tickets were a cash grab. A Professional Privilege Tax? On visiting teams too? That's embarrassing. Apart from the state flexing it's own muscle, what is the legal standing for this? Doing a bit of digging there seems to be a massive number of “privilege taxes” across the US. I'm sure someone with a law degree can explain to me why people need to pay for the right to work. Licensing taxes. Income taxes. All those make sense to me. But, quite frankly this sounds like a tax against workers, just for working. It can't help with an economic recovery. As for the athletes...although 2,500$ doesn't seem like much, it's fully unnecessary. The players are buying local food, staying in local hotels, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars to the economy every game night...and they have to pay for the 'privilege' to do it? The other questionable part of this law is the exemptions.  Only the Memphis Grizzlies and Nashville Predators (and visiting teams) pay it. It's not in effect for the NFL's Titans. Nor for NASCAR (Bristol). Not even the minor league teams. I'm sure whoever is taking the money can find another way to generate the funds. How about cutting the salary of the idiots who created the law?

There's another piece in the argument of people trying to get fighting out of hockey...and it's thanks to Ray Emery...

Except for a select few members of the media and limited members of the public, most hockey fans like a good fight. However, a scene like the Emery – Holtby “fight” makes the anti-fighting ranks rise up in self-righteous indignation. And I do agree with them on this one. I've made it clear I like fights. Fights with goalies are even better. But that wasn't a fight. Braden Holtby wanted nothing to do with Ray Emery. Just as I think fighting should be allowed, it should be a choice. Holtby didn't want to fight and it showed.  There were plenty of the willing combatants on the ice, Emery should have picked on of them.  Instead, Emery made an ass of himself by charging the length of the rink to take on an opponent who wasn't willing. Ray Emery is having a hard enough time stopping pucks, he shouldn't being trying to fight too.

At least that's how I see it...and I sit in the cheap seats.

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